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Archangel Thruster Pack

Commission work

For all intents and purposes, the thruster pack IS the Archangel Rig: the piece of equipment the two wrist mounted weapons have been designed to aid the operations of. This thruster pack is designed to function both in and out of atmosphere. Archangels are the primary users of this pack, though a modified version has been tested as part of S.E.A.R. kits for starfighter pilots. Archangels have their name for a reason. They are dropped from ships in orbit head-first to harass enemies, like vengeful angels sent down from the heavens. The thruster pack allows them to accomplish their function as elite shock troops. They undertake missions such as hit and runs, smash and snatches, reconnaissance, and indirect fire spotting in atmosphere, as well as boarding actions in space. Users require a pod when dropping from orbit, and the standard EVA thrusters in RACETC power armor to help navigate 0g environments, but the missions Archangels undertake would be far more difficult if not impossible without their thruster pack.

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