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T-190/PC-194 APC variant

Following the wake of the first Echerion-Starsect war, the Starsect Republic recognized a dire need in a commonpool armored combat vehicle, as both the strain to logistics of having to supply hundreds of different models of tanks, as well has having to train their crews should one of them fall, was enough to give pause to any military force. The plan was for a single family of vehicles that could be adapted to any changing combat situation and need, from the ubiquitous main battle tank, to armor recovery vehicles, that placed a very strong emphasis on crew protection at all costs. The tank that would lay claim to its fame had its predecessor on Riria tested brutally during the Echerion Syndicates twelve year long siege of the planet. Taking lessons learned during the siege and the various battles that other comparable AFVs were involved with, the company that would ultimately win the contract for the Advanced Armored Combat System program, presented what would later be dubbed the T-190 Therus, a vehicle that showed astonishing promise, with extreme ease of modularization, modification, and strong emphasis on ease of manufacture and maintenance, without compromising the republic's crew survivability requirement, the proto-Therus won in every category with flying colors.

While expensive initially, and in spite of many naysayers within the complicated web of the republic's bureaucracy, the new Therus proved to be well worth the investment on a multitude of worlds, especially ones that nearly had their armor cores wiped out by the fanatical forces of the syndicate and were in dire need of an upgrade. It however would not be until the second Echerion-Starsect war where the tank was able to truly test its metal against the syndicate armor and infantry forces. While not uncommon for various Therus tanks to be taken out of action by other tanks or mainly infantry forces with ATGMs, it served its main purpose well in keeping its crew safe, and of course proving its extreme reliability in tandem with its adaptability, the tank served its crews well, and earned its respect in the eyes of many within the Ranger Corps and newly forged Predator Legions, and earning itself an equally fearsome reputation with the forces of the syndicate. The Therus since has served the republic well for the better part of nearly 20 thousand standard years, and the design has seen very little in terms of any major changes, apart from hull armor material composites, electronic equipment upgrades, redundancy backups, and even engines, it still holds itself to the original operational promise of crew survivability and protection, as well as extreme mission flexibility, a reputation that is unrivaled by any comparable military hardware, even in the present day. While a jack of all trades is a master of none, the Therus proved that it's far better than a master of one.

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