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Heldora HR-15 Coilrifle

Heldora HR-15 Coilrifle
Effective Range: 3600 meters
Fire Rate: 900 Rounds Per Minute (350 Rounds Per Minute with overcharge)
Calibre: 8x45mm carbon-fiber reinforced silicon carbide (C/SiC) coated steel jacket tungsten carbide penetrator, 8x45mm Armor Penetrating Discarding Sabot, 8x45mm High Explosive Squash Incendiary
Standard Magazine Capacity: 84 rounds, 168 rounds with both sides loaded
Battery Capacity: 168 hours (72 with overcharge active)

The Heldora HR-15 Coilrifle has been in service with the Starsect Republic Rangers since the second Echerion-Starsect War, having seen very little change in its first generation design. Initially designed as a practical solution to a colony world's military logistical issues surrounding the many firearms that were in use by the PDF, this rifle's heavy caliber, long battery life (of comparable coilrifles at the time), and generally simplistic design made it become one of the most prestigious rifles that have seen active duty in military forces, police and general civilian use.

The HR-15s fire control system in its standard setting, accelerates a ferromagnetic round using accelerator coils in a pull configuration up to speeds of around Mach 5 or 1,066 meters per second, easily matching bullet velocities of conventional "powder charge" guns, but with extremely little recoil. However, with the mounted micro-fusion battery, they can be overcharged to not only pass more energy through the coils, but also operate in a push-pull configuration, more than doubling the speed of the projectile to speeds of around Mach 8.9 to 9 or 2,029 meters per second, and still retain its very low recoil profile, easily making it the favored gun of the Starsect Rangers Corps.