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NX-40 Sniper Rifle

Commission work

NX-40, Nyx
Standard issue automatic sniper rifle. NZ-40s are issued to most marksmanship teams. Reliable and unbelievably accurate.
Compatible with AHR magazines.
Cyclic RoF: 500
Length: 920mm
Barrel Length: 420mm
Mass (Unloaded/Loaded with AHR20): 5.4kg/6.0kg
Muzzle Velocity: 2100m/s

Expanded: NX-40
-It gained the name “Nyx” from it’s designation nearly matching the name of the Five Star Admiral, Nyx.
-Sometimes, it’s believed to be blessed by Kylara due to it’s pinpoint accuracy.
-The stock’s elongated design is integral to the recoil reducing system of the weapon, so it can’t be shortened or removed.
-The white section near the action of the weapon is a heat sink. When it fails to dissipate heat properly, it can reach a maximum temperature of 1184°C before forcibly shutting down the weapon.
-The weapon lacks a magazine release and fire selector, and requires a degree of skill and dexterity to operate the screen for those functions.
-When all rounds are expended, the lock on the magazine is released and it enters a “half-lock” state where the magazine is easy to detach, but can be re-locked if a magazine release is not desired.

Do not use this design without permission.