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SF-14 Starcat Jet Concept

Commission work

The SF-14 Starcat started out as a civilian SSTO racing aerospace craft based heavily on the 20th century 'Tomcat' that was adapted by Guardian Defense and Strategic Systems who evolved it into a a military fighter once again for various security firms and paramilitary organizations.

While its no longer a common sight as it initially was as more and more colonies are able to purchase actual ships such as corvettes, frigates or cruisers. It still finds a place in many defense forces for its ability to perform well in many different environments and the fact it is the smallest 'FTL' Capable starfighter has won many contracts on its own merit.

Even with the rise of larger and more modern starships however, The SF-14 remains a workhorse for military use as it does have the hardpoint space for the Blue-Shift anti ship relativistic missiles - while very rare to see - A single hit from one could cripple or outright destroy even the largest capital ships. A fact that has prevented the mass production of larger starships to this day.

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