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The Peacekeeper III

Commission work

The Peacekeeper III, A heavily armed and armored unit for use in private security, military and police use comes with several weapon options but the most common are those with a six-barrel, air-cooled, electrically fired rotary cannon which fires 30 mm rounds at an extremely high rate for use as a counter infantry, rocket, artillery and mortar system(CIRAM) which are typically deployed as mobile facility or base defense units.

The other two major alternatives pack either a multirole laser array cannon capable of dealing with a great many common threats or the powerful Arc-Driver electromagnetic hyper velocity railgun that fires plasma sheathed slugs at incredible speeds of up-to 5km/s often used to deal with heavy armor threats such as tanks or even loitering hostile starships in local airspace.

The 'Riot' shield often seen is meant to deal with infantry grade weapons from light railguns to guided missiles. While the Peacekeepers main body armor can withstand conventional weapons fairly well the shield helps supplement against much more.

Of course there's more than initially observable to these units, Such as electronic warfare suits or the fact that they are autonomous. (A pilot is optional.) They see many custom modifications from grenade launchers to reactive armor retrofits that are beyond the scope of this description.

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