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Modern AR-10 "Freya"

Commission work

Freya is a rifle designed around one thing in mind. It's meant to be as precise as regular bolt action sniper rifles are, but with none of the drawbacks of a slow rechambering time.

Compatible with specialty ammunition designed for the rifle, SLAP (Saboted Light Armor Penetrator) rounds allow it to pierce heavy amounts of body armor or armored plating on other targets, while Raufoss rounds are anti-material, able to pierce and cause severe damage to soft and hard targets alike by way of the incendiary and explosive core within the round, followed by a hardened tungsten carbide penetrator. Cryogenic rounds contain a hollow core filled with a special refrigirating liquid of classified origin, causing the round to shatter on impact and coat the target. Once coated, the liquid begins to evaporate at an extreme rate, all while pulling high amounts of heat away from the target and imposing an extremely strong chilling effect, freezing targets solid in one shot if small enough and causing armored targets to become brittle and vulnerable to a follow-up shot by a Raufoss round. Smart rounds act the same as FMJs in terms of ballistic properties upon hitting a target, but they contain a processor inside with small guidance fins that project out from the back of the round to guide the ammunition on target while compensating for enviromental factors that may affect the trajectory, such as humidity, wind speed and direction, temperature, coriolis force, and other factors such as weather. In doing so, it makes for a near ballistically perfect round, able to fly in a straight and perfect arc. However, it does not "track" targets and guide itself to a moving target once fired. The rifle's on-board ballistics CPU syncs with the smart round to send relevant data on flight path with proper compensation needed in order to hit the target prior to being fired. This makes for an extremely accurate shot, but the shooter still has to compensate for any target movement.

Freya was a custom-made rifle made to order for Hayden Cantu, a US Army Soldier, with inspiration for the rifle's design and function coming from the US Army's M110 SASS Semi-Automatic Sniper System, improving upon it greatly with a much more accurate barrel and with much tighter tolerances, with the Ballistics CPU being the finishing touch on making this an extremely accurate and lethal sniper system.

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