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Mk1 Wyvern "Ignis Mors"

Commission work

Mk1 Wyvern
(Nicknamed "Ignis Mors")

The Wyvern is a unwieldy weapon with a ferocious recoil. It is complex in design and fabrication, and thus served in very limited numbers. It shoots a 14.5x114mm cartridge meant to bring ruin to creatures of all sizes, and punch through the toughest armor from the longest distance. It is built with a reciprocating barrel, which recoils 3" to help dampen the recoil, while being a Straight-Pull, Single Shot, Bolt Action design. The "hook" at the bottom of the handguard aids in keeping the rifle secured in the knook of the Shield-Pavise, which behaves both as a monopod stabilizer, and protection for the shooter.
It was originally created to give Sharpshooter Kobold Teams a chance against creatures much stronger than them, while remaining at a safe distance, offering support during missions and battles to their Dragonborn counterparts.
As such, this weapon is usually given to a team of three: A Sharpshooter, a Loader-Spotter, and a Shield-Bearer, to maximize their efficiency and speed.

(Special bullets from left to right)
These bullets are crafted from Adamantine and shaped in a way dedicated to pierce the strongest metals and scales.

Radically-Invasive (RIP)
These bullets are shaped like sharp claws that splay and expand upon impact to cause terrible lacerations.

These bullets are crafted with a filling of phosporous that explodes into a vast cloud of thick smoke upon impact.

These bullets are crafted with a highly combustible susbtance inside, and explode upon impact.

"Magic-Missile" Enchanted
These bullets are enchanted and carved with magical runes to pierce immaterial forms and force shields.

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